Laura Day Rebollo

Being an Artist is a natural extension of my being.

When painting it’s my goal to take the viewer to a place or time of serenity, happiness or reflection.  If my paintings evoke an emotion or a memory from them I feel I’ve shared a part of myself.

Starting at age 11 with my first Art lesson by my Great Aunt, Coey Hussey, at her Sunset Studio, overlooking the ocean in Nahant, Massachusetts. I learned the fundamentals of creating, perspective and insight to seeing with a vision that others usually overlooked. Those summers were the beginning of my journey and love of many mediums and styles including Pencil, Block Printing, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pastel. 

Formal education includes graduating High school with a Commercial Art degree, attending the Montserrat School of Art, and attending a fall semester intern program at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Massachusetts.  My most valuable lessons however are self taught from life experiences and travel, people and places that have inspired me.  












“Every day is a Masterpiece, you just have to open your eyes and look up". Lucilla"Coey" Hussey

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